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Artist: Groovy Wallpaper

CD: "Groovy Wallpaper"



Groovy Wallpaper is a two man project; Skip vonKuske (of Vagabond Opera fame) and Don Henson. The exact instruments they employ on Groovy Wallpaper's self-titled release is left a bit of a mystery (listed as "Strings. Apps." and "Batterie. Mallets." respectively), but knowing Skip his instrument of choice is Cello and Don sounds like he's focusing on on xylophone/marimba or something of the like. There's some electronics at work here, but the real third player on this collection is fearlessness, Groovy Wallpaper are making fun, challenging work that doesn't give a damn that it's not "pop" music.

Identifying what kind of music it is leads me to one assemble descriptors into what sounds like non-sense, until you hear the work. Groovy Wallpaper take jazz, electronics, prog (yes prog), a mellow-loungeness and ends up with what I can best describe as Post-Modern Spaceage Bachelor Pad Baroque Jazz. And it's frequently funky. And remarkably complex. The kind of complexity that rewards relistens, the kind of complexity that makes each listen a fresh experience. Yet this isn't an outing intent on "blowing your mind" with pointless displays of virtuosity. Don & Skip are amazingly talented gents, but they're more interested in creating compelling work than they are in desperately trying to prove how good they are. They're just damn good, and each subtle shift on "Groovy Wallpaper" illustrates that.



Groovy Wallpaper~






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